The numbers Labour did NOT want you to see on TV this morning – and why


This morning I had the privilege to be at the special conference for the announcement of the result of the leadership contest between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith.

As you will know by now, the result was emphatic, with Corbyn gaining a decisive 61.8% share (313,209/506,438/654,006) of the votes in spite of the efforts to weed out around 250,000 mostly Corbyn supporters by suspensions, expulsions and simply not sending them a ballot.

But there was a significant little passage of events that you will have missed. I was seated directly behind deputy leader Tom Watson and party General Secretary Iain McNicol, within easy touching distance (if I had wished:

wp_20160924_001Iain McNicol looking positively underwhelmed at Labour’s overwhelming democratic choice

As he prepared to read the results, NEC Chair Paddy Lillis said he would read out the overall result but would also show the results by voting constituency (full members, supporters…

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Britain: For the Love of God, Please Stop David Cameron

Let me tell you the story of what happened in Britain and how David Cameron made everything much, much worse…..

Benjamin Studebaker

On May 7 (this Thursday), Britain has a general election. I care deeply about British politics–I did my BA over there and will return to do my PhD there this fall. But more importantly, David Cameron’s government has managed the country’s economy with stunning fecklessness, and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do my part to point this out.

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Some wood I found, a print I made, and some images from Ye Olde Testament

The Lent Project

P1250696 The Creation, unprinted lino cut

P1250700 Abraham and Isaac lino cut

P1250665 Printed page from my graphic novel, although it will be exhibited as Adam and Eve

P1250635 Wood I found in Ikea

P1250699 Adam and Eve, unprinted lino cut

P1250698 Moses and the burning bush, lino cut

P1250697 Noah’s ark, lino cut

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Oops! Tory Chair Grant Shapps admits Tories are not hardworking people

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Leaving aside the fact the Tories are putting satirists and political sketch writers out of work all over the UK by insisting on parodying themselves so perfectly with gems like this (tweeted by Tory chair Grant Shapps)………

tory bingo and beer
……it’s also interesting the poster refers to ‘hardworking people‘ as ‘they‘.

More proof – if any more proof were needed – that Tories regard hardworking people as anyone but themselves.

Perhaps they think work – like taxes – are for the little people?


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